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West Coast Wild Scallops

Joel and Melissa Collier, along with their two children, live in Courtenay, BC. Joel is the skipper of his father's boat and supports his family by fishing prawns, salmon and now scallops. Joel is a 4th generation fisherman from a large fishing family on his mother's side. The Larson family are involved in various fisheries on the west coast including salmon, prawns, ling cod, and halibut. Joel's parents began fishing in 1992. Joel, along with his two siblings, spent part of their summers fishing throughout their youth. Joel took over his parent's fishing business in 2014 and soon became involved with the IFMP (Integrated Fisheries Management Plan) process in 2015 and began fishing scallops commercially with his Uncle.

Our Scallops: We harvest two wild species of scallops, Pink and Spiny scallops, found off of Vancouver Island, BC. They are also commonly known as 'Swimming', 'Pink', or 'Singing' scallops. They are significantly smaller than the species commonly eaten however, despite their size, these scallops are bursting with flavour! They have a beautiful and colourful shell, measuring up to 8 cm (3 in.) across and are an ideal platform for serving at the table. They can also be scrubbed clean and kept for display. Our scallops are wild, not farmed and are guaranteed to be live when caught, as they have to be swimming to be caught in our nets. This means that all our scallops are edible, and even those that do not open when cooked can be safely eaten. Our scallops are brought into the processing plant live and then flash frozen. The method of freezing prevents them from sticking together allowing you to easily take out what you want to cook, leaving the rest frozen. The overall management of the fishery and the style of fishing gear makes our harvesting method sustainable and environmentally friendly. The trawl design won a Romeo La Blanc Award in 2003 for responsible fishing. We are a proud partner of the Ocean Wise seafood program and our scallops are recommended by Ocean Wise.

How to cook them?? Our scallops can be cooked in many ways, including any of your favourite scallop, clam and muscle recipes. Steaming is the easiest way to cook them. To steam them, place frozen scallops into a steamer after the water has come to a rolling boil. Steam until they open, (approx. 4 to 6 min.). Cooking time varies with the amount of scallops your are cooking. Because our scallops are caught live, you can still eat any that don’t open. Simply use a knife to pop open the shell. you can also pan fry them, in butter or throw them in your soup. Both these methods can be done from frozen. If you cooked too many, don't worry. Freeze the cooked left overs for use in your next chowder. There is a small black piece on the body of the scallop near the base of the shell. This is the digestive gland or stomach. This part of the scallop can taste strong or 'fishy' at times. If you find this flavour bothersome, try removing it prior to eating. The easiest way to remove the digestive gland is by using the shell as a knife to cut it off. Visit our website for recipe ideas. 








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