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Uno Gelato ~ YVR

Uno Gelato makes gelato in the traditional Italian handcrafted method embracing a “farm-to-cone” philosophy utilizing the best natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. The company has partnered with Avalon Dairy in the Fraser Valley for its organic milk, Tesfa Farms in Langley for water buffalo milk, and Sweet Tree Ventures in Quesnel for BC birch syrup - a natural sweetener, to name a few of their regional producers.

“We’re fortunate to have such an abundance of farms and artisan producers nearby to source the natural ingredients that go into every serving of our gelato,” said Andrés Bermudez, Maestro, Uno Gelato. “Each microbatch of gelato is handmade and is only 6 litres in size, which enables us to be very creative with our offerings. We are able try fun, new flavours as the seasons change, which means we always have something new and interesting for gelato enthusiasts to come back and try!”

Uno Gelato currently has up to 25 flavours, with seasonal selections such as Strawberry Fresca available as different fruit ripens locally. The company signed partnerships this spring with the Vancouver Aquarium for a unique Vanilla Kelp flavour, and with the Westin Bayshore for its most popular selections of Salted Caramel, Very Cherry, and Midnight Chocolate - a vegan option crafted with Guittard's black cocoa and 99% cocoa from Valhrona.



YVR Airport, International Terminal, Richmond, BC




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