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CRASIAN. A hybrid food. North American street food meets Asian. Bi-Culinary. It's "I can't decide between fast food or take out." It's savoury. It's Salty. It's sweet, sour & spicy. It's everything you've ever wanted. It's fun. It's crazy. It's the best of both worlds. Home-made. Fresh. Crave-Able. Crazy Asian street food.​

Not just a food truck but a private event catering company too. NOTHING BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER LIKE GOOD FOOD. We are always looking forward to catering our ?next event. whether it's classic Crasian food or something different you have in mind.  Staff lunches, house parties, weddings, or your brother's second wife's step daughter's kid's graduation celebration. Call us. Now taking off-season catering bookings. Dinners for 8 or parties of 200. Contact us for all your inquiries. Let us know what you're looking for: canapés or plated dinners, family style, and buffet


Open for the 2019 season follow us on social media to find us around town.

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