Visit your local Pub for heart warming local food and drink

November 05, 2017

Summer has ended, and while you may be mourning its passing, I am quietly celebrating the arrival of the fall and its bounty of local comfort foods. For me, this time of year means that I get to dust off the crock pot and break out some of my family’s favourite recipes. It also means that I have a tendency to be somewhat lazy in the kitchen and seek the comfort of a home-cooked meal somewhere other than my own kitchen table. Lucky for me, life on Vancouver Island means an abundance of local neighbourhood pubs cooking up recipes that remind me of Sunday dinners at my grandmother's house.

Rich beef stews, shepherds pie and endless black bean chilli bring not only warmth to my belly, but happiness around the table. When pondering your next dining experience, consider indulging in the comforts of your own neighbourhood and explore the flavour trails of your local pub scene. That little pub on the corner is an extension of your own living room, a place where neighbours can come to share in food and drink. A place where food can take you back to some of life’s fondest memories.

It’s a commonly known fact that the act of sharing in a meal is the root of our survival, and bonding at the dinner table is one of life’s oldest traditions. Food brings people together, and rest assured, if my creativity is lagging in the kitchen, you will find me breaking bread with the locals close to home. No matter where you hang your hat in British Columbia, find comfort in knowing that you are likely a stone’s throw away from your next home cooked meal.


Contributing Author: Misty Olsen

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Photo Credits:

Chef Rusty Cox
The Heid Out, Cranbrook
Photo by: Michael Audet