Support Local Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs

April 07, 2020

Small business matters today. As proud British Columbians, we want to help our friends and neighbours weather this storm. We need to support local everything - if you see the #BuyBC symbol, make the choice to do just that. 

We support local restaurateurs. That's our role - but we want to tell you why that is important.

Restaurateurs are entrepreneurs – people who drive their own success, strongly believe in their product and in the community they serve. They employ thousands upon thousands of people in every community in this province. Foodservice and Hospitality are one of the largest employers in the province.

When restaurateurs proudly put BC on their menu, wine or beer list, they are making connections that grow the economy and investing in the farmers, producers and processors around them. The impact is staggering with 2.6 times more revenue staying in the local economy. But they do more than that, restaurants contribute at every level of our communities:

  • They live and buy in the local community
  • They provide support for local events, sports teams and charities
  • They are more likely to purchase local services and stock and serve local products
  • They buy from local farmers, niche producers and processors, all of whom provide jobs to the community

Why should you support local food and beverage?

~Taste Counts: Local food can be enjoyed at their peak – so they taste great and are full of nutrients.

~Eating locally encourages variety: If you choose local first, you’ll eat Strawberries, Asparagus and Potatoes fresh off the farm when they are available from local farmers. Each season will bring newly-available, fresh produce and proteins – and chefs will have new ingredients to spark their creativity.

~Quality Standards: Canada has some of the highest standards and the strictest regulations around food additives and pesticides. If you eat local, you know that those standards are in full force.

We hope you'll take a moment this week to order take-out or delivery from a local restaurant. Province-wide you can order BC wine from a BC winery direct. They'll often deliver as few as 6 bottles directly to you. As a result of the new COVID world, you can even order beer delivery. Breweries are also bringing your beer to you - check your favourite craft breweries website.