Egg-citing trends: Why you should dine out for breakfast

October 09, 2017

If you are looking for local eggs, or their sidekick BC bacon, you can be confident that you’ll find local options on menus across the province. The exciting thing is that you can have a great local egg for breakfast at a quick service restaurant – or you can find a small independent operator who serves fresh and innovative foods, integrating unique global and fusion flavours that will make your mouth water.

The transformation of the traditional breakfast experience is something that can keep you dining out all year round. Spicy creations adding chipotle, habanero, Sriracha can make your tastebuds tingle – Mexican, Middle Eastern and Asian inspirations offer a delicious change. If you haven’t seen fried-chicken and waffles on a menu near you yet, it’s coming – and that chicken will be local!

Are you part of the trend?

In 2016, National Restaurant Association reported that 72 percent of adults want restaurants to serve all-day breakfast. 63% of all restaurants now serve breakfast, and 31 percent of restaurant operators now serve breakfast items during dinner (DataSsential, Breakfast Report). In 2016, NPD Group reported that breakfast represented 22.7 per cent of all restaurant traffic and 19.0 per cent of all dollars spent. Unlike many great ideas that fizzle out once they become a reality, all-day breakfast clearly has staying power.

Add-on trends: House made ketchup with local tomatoes, jams and jellies made with local berries when they are fresh and in season – these are great products that can be made 100% BC. By serving dishes and condiments that contain no chemical additives, as a diner, you can feel good about what you put in your bodies at breakfast.


If you are thinking, when I eat out for breakfast, I have a breakfast sandwich to go, you aren’t alone. Egg McMuffins first became available at McDonald’s in 1972 – and reached the Top 10 foods in restaurant purchases starting in 2010 – growing for 2012 on. The great news is that you are supporting local farms by eating local eggs in those breakfast sandwiches! Add BC smoked salmon to your breakfast sandwich at an independent restaurant – and you’re on to something!

Looking for eggs on a non-breakfast menu? Look for a sunny-side-up egg on salads, grain bowls, burgers, and avocado toast. Yum!

Photo Credit:

Executive Chef Brock Bowes
RauDZ Regional Table, Kelowna
Photo by Darren Hull
Executive Chef & Sommelier Mark Filatow
Waterfront Wines Restaurant, Kelowna
Photo by Darren Hull