Buying Local Drives Our Local Economy

March 26, 2020

Buying local drives our local economy:

Now is the time to support every single local business that you can.


We're in challenging times. Businesses around us, not just restaurants or food and beverage businesses, are being forced to adapt in ways they never thought possible even 10 days ago. Many businesses sales are down and operators don't know when normal will resume. When we are faced with such high levels of adversity, we're looking for opportunities to make a difference. A great way to contribute to your community right now is to make the decision to buy local.


Every decision you make to buy local supports a business, their staff and their suppliers. It's a big deal and our communities need our collective effort to keep amazing British Columbians in jobs they love.


Be part of the ripple effect. If you choose to order take-out or pick up a meal kit or a heat and serve meal from a BC Restaurant, order local food from a local delivery company like @SPUDVancouver or just commit to drinking BC wine, beer, cider or spirits at this time, you are making a difference. Those businesses support a web of team members and partners that all come from our province including farmers, producers, processors, fishers, harvesters and entrepreneurs.


The economic boost of money staying in our communities matters more now than ever. If you are thinking local, we want you to think outside the box. Our favs are obviously locals restaurants, bakers, butchers, wineries, breweries, cideries, distilleries and farmers.

  • Today, we ask you to think about TV filmed in BC for your binge watching pleasure - thousands of British Columbians work in TV and film and we want to support them.
  • We ask you to support local green grocers who buy produce from local farmers and greenhouses.
  • We want you to think about buying seeds from local seed companies and garden shops online to plant a garden and bring joy.
  • Shout out on social to the doctors, nurses and all the healthcare people in your community making a difference. Include child care professionals and veterinarians who are stepping up as well.


Together, we will get through this. If we support local in every way we can, we'll make a difference when we are through to the other side and ready to reboot in a post COVID-19 BC!