A Local Thank You

November 01, 2017

Farmers, food producers and processors, chefs, and restaurateurs in communities across the province want to thank you, your friends and family for choosing to eat and drink local.

Thank you from the restaurant where you chose to eat dinner last night. You validated their decision to serve fresh local ingredients paired with B.C. wine and beer. Thank you from the chef who was thrilled you ordered the grilled cedar plank wild salmon on a bed of local chard, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, squash and zucchini. Thank you from the fisherman who caught your salmon from the coastal Pacific waters off western Vancouver Island, and the small-scale farmer who harvested your crisp organic vegetables and salad greens the morning of your dinner. We’re glad your partner loved the twelve ounce grass-fed rib eye steak – well-marbled, rich and buttery – raised ethically on a small farm in the Fraser Valley. The farmer thanks you and your partner for supporting local meat production.

Thank you from the local brewer whose freshly squeezed hops added notes of smooth bitterness, strong citrus, and mild spice to your beer. Thank you from the Okanagan Valley winery that produced your partner’s full-bodied glass of red wine - hints of savoury black currant and red plum. Thank you from the Vancouver Island distiller who produced the gin for your dry martini using local wheat, barley, and fragrant floral botanicals.

Your shared dessert – a decadent, silky, rich crème brulée with hints of vanilla and lavender topped with a teaspoon of blueberry compote – was made with fresh local free range eggs, backyard lavender, and blueberries from the poultry and berry farms located less than two kilometres down the road. They too thank you for your support.

From the local small-scale farmer, food producer or processor to chefs, restaurateurs and everyone in between, your decision to eat and drink local has a significant impact on communities across B.C. Not only does your support to eat and drink local instill confidence in B.C.’s agrifood and seafood sector, but it also lowers your carbon footprint, helps pay local wages, and encourages others to build a better B.C. through sustainable agriculture.

Contributing Author: Gillian Macgregor



Photo Credits:

Chef Castro Boatang
House of Boateng Catering, Victoria
Photo by: Jason Schultz