Northern British Columbia

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Prince George; North Coast; Peace River

Northern B.C. is a land of mountain peaks, rivers, lakes, prairie lands, ancient islands and rugged coastline. It provides a range of outdoor activities and beautiful national parks and reserves. The region is renowned for its fishing and hunting, with freshwater lakes and rivers as well as rich coastal waters.

The region’s cuisine centres on fresh seafood and local produce and game, with some of the province’s best coming straight from the boats on the north coast. The Peace River region boasts forage crops, dairy and cattle farms, an increasing number of vegetables as well as 80% of the province’s wheat, barley and canola. Local chefs have a broad range available, from salmon, halibut and spot prawns to venison and bison.

Prince George is the largest city in the region with more than 100 farms providing a range of produce including honey, vegetables, eggs and meats such as duck, chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb.

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