BC Evergreen Photography - Amanda Merrifield

Published Date: June 07, 2018


Amanda's innate curiosity, sensitivity and connection to the light in human beings, animals, and the outdoors emerged as a young girl. Amanda discovered her passion for photography in Grade Eight when gifted a camera by her mother, an Olympus.



By the time she completed high school, her portfolio of work included: the cover of her step-mum's book; a photo shoot for a Brazilian underwear line; several corporate events; and assistant to the photographer for the Vancouver SnowBall Gala. Over the last two years, Amanda formalized her photography with diverse clients: Haywire Winery; Fishworks; Tao Organics; Lobster Man and Edible Canada.

She's also created an online social-media presence and following for capturing the essence of dogs and people of all sorts through her passion to seek adventure and through her work as a dog-walker. Her niche focus is creating BC Evergreen social-media images for restaurants, businesses and tourism.

Phone: 604-831-1122

Email: atmerrifield1b8@outlook.com 

Website: bcevergreen.com